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Watermeloneggrolls is a website that promotes the love and diversity of the Chea family. Showcasing healthy recipes, healthy lifestyles and most importantly the truth behind all people, beyond stereotypes. From Children's books, beauty campaigns and artist management. Ashley, Amirah and Chea have a very diverse work palate to match the diversity of their cultures. 

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I am so excited to announce that Vanessa and I have released our first children's book apart of the Beautiful Me series. The first book is titled Beautiful Beautiful Me and encompasses a collection of playful poems using positive skin tone association with food.

The book was created after a conversation I had with my daughter two years ago when she was 3 going on 4.  We spoke about her skin tone and the difference between her, her father and mine. She was struggling with the fact that her skin tone wasn't the same color as mine. I knew this was something that was going to come up eventually as we are a multicultural family. Even in a family that shares the same race skin tone and features aren't always exactly the same. I decided to make a children's book that celebrated all skin tones. Something for all families of all skin tones no matter what their dynamic may be. Vanessa adds such beauty to my words. Each page has dynamic colors and expressive illustrations.

The Beautiful Me Campaign

The Beautiful Me Campaign was created to celebrate people of all colors and races. It began as a conversation with my daughter about the obvious differences between her father and I's skin color. It grew into a children’s book titled Beautiful, Beautiful Me and has now flourished into a program that uses art and conversation to teach young children, teen girls and even adults about loving themselves while celebrating the differences of others. The Beautiful Me Campaign travels to schools and programs to help everyone learn to embrace the beauty in differences. The Beautiful Me Campaign discusses all categories of diversity including skin color, religion, family dynamic, physical limitations and more. Our goal is to help build personal self-esteem through appreciation for self and others.


-Ashley Hinton

Founder/Owner of “The Beautiful Me Project”