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Watermeloneggrolls is a website that promotes the love and diversity of the Chea family. Showcasing healthy recipes, healthy lifestyles and most importantly the truth behind all people, beyond stereotypes. From Children's books, beauty campaigns and artist management. Ashley, Amirah and Chea have a very diverse work palate to match the diversity of their cultures. 

Bridal Shower

My bridal shower was simplistic and beautiful. A moment to spend some intimate time with the women that I love and respect. My matron of honor Nalo  ( owner and creative director ) of Peyton Nile created some fun memories with personalized gifts. I wanted all my bridesmaids to wear flower crowns for my wedding, so Nalo created a flower headband table for everyone to created their own.  Next to that table she had flash tattoos with floral and gold design. There were different types of pizza, salad and a special salmon salad for me. 

When throwing your wedding and bridal shower it does not have to be expensive. You need a little bit of creativity and the patience to make some things on your own. I had everyone wear white and rock their headbands while we enjoyed good food and company. I can honestly say that all of my bridesmaids are beautiful, wonderful women who have so much to offer the world and myself. My bridal shower was absolutely beautiful and I wish I could relive the weekend again.